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Want a Celebrity Tan Fast ? What is Idol Sunless Tanning Lotion ?

Ever seen someone with a beautiful tan ?  Maybe they just came back from down south, but don’t they look more youthful, more energetic, more healthy and happy ?  Could be true, but getting a tan out in the sun is risky. Doctors will tell you that harmful UV rays can cause sunburn and even cancer in some cases.  Not good.

So, you could get a tan at a tanning booth, but there are fees and they can be dangerous also according to many authorities in the matter.

But, you want a tan and would be willing to risk all this just to look more sexy and more gorgeous, right ?  Who could blame you. Most people really feel the same way, but not many do something about it.

Is there a safer way to get a bronzed tan ? Yes, there is and it is called Idol Tan.

If you’re excited to try this amazing sunless tanning lotion, great, but there are a few things you need to know about Idol Tan self tanning.

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Have you ever got a sunburn before ?

Ouch ! Not only does it cause a lot of pain, often with an accompanying headache, and not to mention embarrassment, but it could damage your skin and later in life possibly lead to skin cancer.


Everyone wants to be tanned, look younger and more healthy, but no one wants to bake in the sun, or spend hours under the heat of a tanning bed, now that the dangers to the skin are well known.

The answer in the past has been chemical-infused lotions that turned the skin an odd shade of streaky orange, but now there is Idol Tan

Idol Tan is a creamy gel that actually gives the skin the bronze glow you see celebrities sporting on TV.

If you are guessing that you have to purchase some expensive spray machine to get that kind of natural looking glow, you are mistaken! This gel is very inexpensive and allows you to apply it at home so there is no expense driving around town looking for someone to make you tan.

You now have the ability to tan yourself without the dangers of lying in the sun or under the intense glow of tanning beds..

Idol Tan | Sunless Self Tanner

Sunless tanners, like Idol Sunless Tan, stain the outer layers of your skin to achieve the golden hue but they don’t cause any damage to your skin cells and they most definitely don’t cause cancer or other serious health conditions.

Using the beds found at tanning salons can also help to accelerate the aging process. Over time your skin will lose its elasticity and the reduced amounts of collagen in your skin will cause fine lines and wrinkles. Idol Tan is a sunless tanning solution that can give you beautiful natural-looking color without the harmful effects.

Idol Tan is one of the easiest self tanners to apply and it dries quickly too so you won’t have to worry about not being able to get dressed for 2 hours which is how long it takes some products to dry. Simply apply the lotion and wait just a few minutes for it to dry, not hours, and then you’ll be good to go.

If you tend to burn in the sun and you hate have pale-colored skin Idol Tan will give you a golden bronze hue to your skin giving you a more healthy and youthful looking. When your skin is tan or dark it also helps to slim you down which can bring more confidence. Many people visit tanning salons to get tan because it makes them look slimmer. You can do this without exposing your body to the harmful raise that can cause serious skin problems down the road.

Unlike many other self-tanning products Idol Tan is actually manufactured in the United States. It has been talked about and seen on media channels that include MSNBC, CNN, FOX, MSN and USA Today.

The self tanning industry is really trying to get people to quit exposing their body to the sun and tanning beds so they have created lotions that are designed to stain your skin in order to give you a darker color without any risk or harmful side effects.

Idol Tan | Application Process

Just like most other cream or gel based tanning products, Idol Tan is incredibly easy to apply. You simply put some on your hand and rub it into the top layers of your skin, making sure to cover your body with an even, generous coating. It dries very fast and the tan color will be completely set within a few hours.

The best thing about the application process is that you don’t have to do it over and over every day to keep your bronze glow. The color will last much longer than other products tend to last and it will never wear off to the inside of your clothing.


What is amazing about this product is the color that it gives to the skin. The color actually looks very natural, as if you did in fact hit the beach and soak up sun rays for a few days. You get the natural, streak-free bronze glow that you see celebrities wearing, but you don’t have to accept any of the skin damage that comes with tanning out under the sun or in a bed.

What’s even better is this natural, deep bronze tone makes you look skinnier! Who couldn’t use that all year round?


The price is much less than you would expect, considering it is made with all natural ingredients and really works the way it claims to work. You will spend far less on Idol than you would spend in a salon, since you are just paying for the product and not the labor of application or the use of expensive equipment.

Idol Tan

It is also much faster than going to the salon, since you can apply it in the comfort of your own home, wait a few hours, and walk out the door with a perfect glow. In just a few hours you can boost your confidence, make yourself look like a sun-drenched goddess, and turn heads. That beats several trips a week to the tanning bed any day!


Idol is the best sunless tanning product on the market right now because it is affordable, fast and easy to use, and it actually works. Just the fact that it really does as it is supposed to do sets it far above the competition, but the all natural and completely safe ingredients makes it worth far more than the retail price.

This is the only way to get that celebrity bronzing without any risk of damage to your skin and without risk of ruining your style with a cheap orange tint! Try Idol Tan and get a stunning sun tan the same day !

“I always felt self-concious about how pale I am, even in the summer I’d look like a ghost. Now, I have a product that gives me just the right amount of color to feel confident. Thanks Idol Tan!”
Shannon, FL

“Most tanning products I’ve used ended up turning my skin orange or just looking fake. With Idol Tan, I finally found a product that gave me natural color all year round.”
Ben, NY

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Idol Tan Self Tanning Lotion

Idol Tan | How Does a Self Tanning Lotion Work ?

Idol Tan to the rescue – Summer time means getting out in the fresh air and sunshine, going to the beach, back yard cook outs, and suntans. Unfortunately, suntanning as we have discovered, not only damages your skin and creates premature wrinkles, but there is also a very real danger of painful sunburn that can irritate and damage nerve endings and possibly skin cancer.

While there are still many people who are willing to take the risk for that tanned looked smart people are choosing to use self tanning lotions to achieve that tan look without the risk of posed by the sun’s strong UV rays. If you have never used a sunless tanning lotion you may be wondering how they work and if they are harmful.

Idol Tan | Dihydroxyacetone (DHA)

Self tanning lotions, or sunless tanning lotions as they are sometimes called, like Idol Tan, can come in a cream, gel, or spay tan. The best of these tanning lotions contain Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is an FDA approved derivative from the sugar cane plant. This derivative reacts with the dead skin cells on the epidermis or top layer of your skin turning it brown.Idol tan

You apply the sunless tanning lotion by either spraying it on or by by rubbing it into your skin. In order to get a natural looking tan it is important that you smooth the lotion on carefully making sure you cover all your skin area to prevent streaking.

Make sure when applying you remember to cover those easy to forget places such as behind your needs the inside of your elbows and around and behind your ears. If applying by hand wash the palms of your hands immediately after applying to avoid darker looking skin on your palms.

Self tanning lotion is not an instant tan. It does take some time for the DHA to react with the skin cells so you will not get the full effect of the tan for about 3 hours. It is also wise to note that since the DHA reacts with dead not living skin cells and your body is constantly loosing these cells that your tan will fade within 5 to 7 days so it usually recommended to keep a darker tan that you reapply the lotion every 3 days or so.

Idol Tan | Are Self Tanning Lotions Harmful ?

While these lotions are not considered harmful overall, it is wise to keep in mind that each company makes their product a little differently. Some may contain ingredients that can dry your skin or may have ingredients that you might not consider healthy so it is always wise to read the ingredients of any product before your purchase it to find out which sunless tanning lotion may be best for your skin.

Reading reviews on these products will help you determine which lotion or spray tan might be right for you, as well as which gives you the best tan. Keep in mind however, that even the best tanning lotion is only going to work as well as it is applied so make sure that you use the product properly.

Self tanning or sunless tanning lotions are a great way to get a great tan without the harmful affects of the sun. When applied properly you really can’t tell the difference between a sunless tan and one acquired by spending hours out under the sun.

Try Idol Tan – FREE Bottle Offer

Idol Tan is a great alternative to trying to get a tan in the sun, or in a tanning salon.

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